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2000 Luther Dr., Peru, IL

Office Hours: (M-F)

8:30am - Noon

1pm - 3pm


Pastor William’s Walk-In Hours

 8:30am—Noon on Monday

8:30am—Noon on Tuesday

1:00pm—3:00pm on Wednesday

8:30am—10:00am on Thursday

 Evenings by Appointment



Saturday Worship/Communion 5:30pm

Sunday School 9am

 Sunday Worship/Communion 10:15am


Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.
Theme: “By Faith”

On Wednesdays during Lent we will be welcoming various pastors from the South Conference/ NISynod congregations. Four pastors from our area congregations will be leading our mid-week services. This “round robin” format gives you the opportunity to hear the word of God and meditate upon the scriptures and messages. Please take time to warmly greet and welcome each visiting pastor.

March 13—“Faith of Ruth”
Pr. Tammy Anderson (Immanuel, Earlville)

March 20—”Faith of Esther”
Pr. Kris Zierke (Our Savior, Seneca)

March 27—”Faith of Noah”
Pr. Nathan Feig (Trinity, Ottawa)

April 3—”Faith of Moses”
Pr. William

April 10—”Faith of Abraham”
Pr. Bill Callister (St. Paul, Streator)


Prior to our Midweek Lenten services, the Men’s Group, assisted by volunteers, will serve a meal from 5:00-6:50pm


March 13—Spaghetti, green beans, dessert, beverage

March 20—BBQ, chips, nachos/cheese, dessert, beverage

March 27—Taco Bar, dessert, beverage

April 3—Cheeseburgers/Hot dogs, chips, dessert

April 10—Pork chops, applesauce, dessert, beverage

 Proceeds from the simple suppers will go towards Youth mission trips.  Thank you for your continued support of these suppers.








Pastor William Weidenbach

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Pastor’s Ponderings

 “What will it take to grow this congregation?”  I’m glad you asked.

First, it’s good because that means you care; care about each other, care about this place, care about our neighborhood, care about those folks who don’t know about how much God loves them, care about…

Second, it’s good because you understand what it means to grow as a congregation. We grow up, grow old, grow wise, grow strong, grow in knowledge, and grow in ability. Notice there is no mention of growing larger. Of course not! We know that attendance is not the true measure of a congregation’s growth. Jesus wants us growing as disciples; going, telling, and inviting others into relationship.

So, this month, I’m pondering what qualities one might find in a congregation that is growing in Christ. Perhaps it might be a place…

… …where talk about others is of how good they are, how much they do for the greater good, how much they enrich our lives.

… …where greeters are encountered all over the church. They’re found: in the parking lot and in the halls as they invite participation in classes and social events; and in pews as they ask permission to sit next to guests or people they don’t know well.

… …where people tell stories to people in the community and their circle of friends about the positive aspects of their congregation; and invite them to come and see.

… …where folks are excited and enthusiastic, where there is a palpable charge in the air, where smiles are contagious, and adults and youth gather in conversation together.

… …where the path to the door is not a flowing exodus after the service, but folks interact with one another across social circles; where breakfast/lunch/dinner invitations are extended to new people each week – including, and especially, guests.

… …where people notice who is missing from church and call them because they’re concerned for their wellbeing (they might not be feeling well) or just interested in how their life is going.

Hmm, lots to ponder. What does a growing church look like to you? Please share your thoughts with me.

Next time, we’ll ponder how trust fosters growth.


Graciously, Pr. William


Church Council Officers

Stacy Newell, President

Greg Yuvan, Vice President

Kelly McCurry, Secretary

Jeff Hickey, Treasurer



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