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The work of the church, ministry, is not based upon human ideas and theories. It is based upon the word of God which calls us to proclaim the good news of Jesus. In baptism God adopts us as members of his family, the church. As members of Christ's church we are privileged and lovingly commanded to love one another as Christ loves us. Together as members of Christ's body, we are also privileged to use the gifts that God has given each of us, to build up the body...his church. Announcing the gospel of God's forgiveness is part of the ministry that belongs to every Christian. I am called to be the "pastor" of the flock; however, we are all "ministers" of the gospel of good news in Christ Jesus.

I continually marvel at how God chooses and equips people to do the varied aspects of ministry. Some people are wonderful listeners. Others have the gift of teaching. Some of you are talented singers. Some of you are excellent at teaching. When our building needs attention, someone's skills at plumbing and construction enable the congregation to meet in a well tended building. Others of you have the gift and desire to visit our shut-ins who rejoice in opportunities for Christian fellowship. Everyone has God given gifts for ministry. That is how God has created you and now empowers you with the Holy Spirit.