Stewardship is giving back to God a part of all that we have received by sharing generously of our time, talent, and treasures. Meetings are usually held in the fall to plan the Stewardship program, which begins in November and continues through the new year.
Our emphasis is not only monetary pledging, but giving of ones time and talents to carry out the ministries of the church.
For additional information, please contact the church office at 815-223-1144



Surely you have heard of the dreaded “Honey-Do” list.  Maybe you make the list or find yourself, somewhat reluctantly, executing the tasks on the list.  Regardless which side of this list you are on, the outcome is simply a sense of relief when the work is finished.  This is not the case with our Buildings and Grounds Team!  This group of enthusiastic volunteers readily accepts “The List”.

Replacing light bulbs is a common task.  “Do you know how many light bulbs there are in this building?” one member asked.  I had hoped to count them, but trust this, there are a LOT of light fixtures in our building!  You might find Buildings and Grounds volunteers replacing light bulbs, replacing faucets, painting or trimming bushes.  Recent special projects have been installing new entrance and exit signs and moving a landscape light away from a bush that had overgrown to cover the light.  An ongoing project facilitated by this ministry is removal and re-installation of the repaired stained glass windows.

While handyman experience or an eye for trimming bushes is a plus, you don’t need any special skills to lend a hand to this ministry.  One member may be good at electrical work, another at plumbing while another prefers outdoor work.  As the saying goes, “many hands make light work”, these volunteers seem to enjoy working together to maintain St John’s as their schedules allow.  If you would like to offer your help, please contact the church office.  Thank you to the Buildings and Grounds team for doing a great job keeping St John’s looking and functioning well!