Worship Band

The St. John's Worship Band generally plays every 1½ to 2 months. Members get an E-Mail notice a few weeks before our scheduled date that includes hymns selected by the Worship & Music Committee in a PDF file for printing and practice. “Special” music is also attached, often with an accompanying “YouTube video” which helps us learn the nuances of a new piece of music. We take church member suggestions for “special music” which helps us learn new things, and simply makes us better. Band practice is usually the Saturday morning prior to our live weekend and generally lasts about 2 hours.

Become a part of our adventure! Being a member of the worship band provides new opportunities to be active in your church. We never pressure anyone to perform outside their comfort zone, and we encourage both young and old musicians and vocalists to join us. To learn more about the St. John’s Worship Band, call the church office at (815) 223-1144, contact any band member, or E-Mail Pete Jacobsen at jacobsenpete@gmail.com