Sunday School "CSLE"

St. John’s offers weekly Sunday School Classes during the months of September through May. Classes are available for children as young as three through adults. They meet each Sunday for an hour beginning at 9am. As an active ministry there are also activities and events offered for all age groups on a regular basis. There is a Children’s Spiritual Life & Education Committee (CSLE) that helps organize and keep the Sunday School running smoothly and plans family events throughout the year. For additional information, please contact the church office at 815-223-1144


Teachers & Helpers 2017-18

Preschool & Kindergarten - Thelma Martin

First & Second Grade - Janice Hammer            

Third Grade - Missy Pinter

 Fourth & Fifth Grade - Don Anderson. Katelyn Lamps, Helper

Sixth Grade - Paul Baker

Seventh & Eighth Grade - Maxine McQueen. Sasha Bruins, Helper

High School - Jane Krysiak

Adult Class - Mac McQueen & Shanon Edwards

Sunday School Office Helpers - Clarence & Carole Wenzel


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

This year for Sunday School, we will be implementing new security procedures.  At the end of last Sunday School year, we had a student ask us what we are to do if there were to be an active shooter in the building.  While it is heartbreaking that a student should need to worry about feeling safe while in Sunday School, it is a topic we must address. 

This year, we will be getting new door handles on all of the Sunday School classroom doors.  All of the doors will now lock and will be locked while students are in the building.  We will also be locking the doors that have access to the Sunday School hallway.  At 9:00 the doors that lead to the Narthex as well as the doors that lead outside (near the Blessing Box) will be locked.  If any student arrives after 9:00 for Sunday School, they will need to be brought to the outside doors (near the Blessing Box) and ring the doorbell.  Parents are asked to wait until their student enters the building before leaving.  Once all of the new procedures are in place, we will be doing a practice drill so our students know where to go and what to do in the event of someone entering our building with a weapon. 

To go along with our new emergency procedures, we are going to strictly enforce our parent pick up procedures that have been in place for a while now.  All students 4th grade and younger MUST BE PICKED UP at the classroom door by a parent or older student.  The 4th-younger students will be kept in the classroom until the parent or older sibling comes to the door to pick up the student. 

We sent home enrollment forms over the summer for Sunday School.  If you have not filled it out, please do so and return it to the church ASAP.  If you no longer have yours, we can send a new form home with your student(s).  In the box for “emergency contact”, please list someone other than the students’ parent/guardian.  The emergency contact is for if we cannot get ahold of the parent/guardian in the instance of an emergency.  If you have already filled out this form, but did not fill out the emergency contact correctly, we will send home a form just for the emergency contact.

Finally, we are having all families fill out a photo release permission form.  We now have a Facebook page along with our web page.  We ask that parents fill out the form and return it to the church ASAP.  If you do not wish to have your students’ pictures to be posted to Facebook, the webpage, or the bulletin/newsletter, please write at the bottom of the page that you do no wish for your students’ picture to be shared and sign it.

We look forward to a wonderful Sunday School Year,


Missy Pinter, CSLE member & Sunday School teacher