Thanksgiving Eve Service, Wednesday, November 21, at 7:00 p.m.  Please bring canned goods or non-perishable food items to present at the altar steps at the front of the chancel.  Your monetary offerings may also be brought forward and placed on the lower altar provided.


The youth group will have a meeting Sunday, November 25, following worship.


Prayer Request Bulletin Board – If you are in need or someone you care about is in need of prayers, please fill out a prayer request and place it on the bulletin board in the narthex.  Congregation members: please read the prayer requests and prayers for those in need.


LSSI Holiday Hope Chest – Donations are being accepted until November 25 for Lutheran Social Services Holiday Hope Chest.  The money will be used to purchase Christmas gifts.  Donations may be placed in the offering plate marked “LSSI”.  Thank you.


Altar Guild will meet for brunch at Linda Hoelter’s home on Saturday, December 1, at 9:30am.  All current Altar Guild members are encouraged to attend and anyone wishing to join or learn more about Altar Guild are invited.  The upcoming Advent/Christmas season will be discussed.




Sunday Nov 25th is Blessing Box Sunday.  Members are encouraged to bring an item or two to fill the blessing box.  Suggested donations would include foods that are easily prepared and require few other ingredients – canned pasta, soups, tuna pouches or meat; individual bags of chips, cereal, crackers, or granola bars; foods that only need water added – potatoes, mac and cheese, rice or ramen noodles and fruit.  All donations are greatly appreciated.



St. John's will be participating in 4 Christmas parades this year! November 24th is the first one in Spring Valley.  Parade time is 6:00 pm and is a lighted parade.  
More information will be sent home with line up times. Hope you can join us!


























The Holiday Season will soon be here with plans for holiday baking.  As you make those plans would you help us out with an extra dozen or so of your favorite cookies?  These cookies will be packed in Christmas tins and delivered to our Homebound church members.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated by those receiving them.  Sometimes this is the only taste of homemade holiday baking they receive. 

Cookies should be delivered to the church on  December 1, 2, or 3.  Cookies will be packed on December 3.  Anyone wishing to help is invited to come at 6:00 p.m. to pack cookies.  If you have any questions, please contact Sue Weber.

***Eight people are needed to help   deliver cookies.  Each person would deliver 3 tins to the homebound.



The St. John’s Choir invites you to join us in singing the 2018 Advent/Christmas Cantata.  We will be extending our regular Wednesday evening rehearsals to work on the Cantata music.  Beginning Wednesday, November 7, we will start singing the Cantata music at 7:45 until about 8:30.  The Cantata is a highlight of the choir’s year and we hope you will join us singing praise to the birth of our King.


St. John’s Adult Holiday Dinner will be Friday, November 30, at the Prime Quarter in Princeton beginning at 5:00 p.m.  All adults & friends are welcome.  Dinner includes a selection of USDA Choice steaks or catch of the day fish, all you care to eat salad bar, a baked potato, and their famous Texas toast.  Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex.




The Women’s Advent Bible Study will be “Faithful: Christmas Through the Eyes of   Joseph by Adam Hamilton.  The women will take a 5-week break from their current study of “Twelve Ordinary Men” for an Advent/Christmas study.  We hope you will join us!

Joseph would become the earthly father of Jesus, but in the nativity story he faced a situation much like our own—encountering life circumstances he didn’t choose or understand.  Hamilton encourages us to follow the humble carpenter’s example and learn to accept and glorify God’s will. 

This video Bible study will begin Thursday, November 29th, and continue every Thursday through December. For your convenience, the same session will be available at 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on the same day.  If you have any questions, please contact Jan Delvallee at 815-228-0252.




Need food? Help yourself

They’re called ‘micro pantries’ and you can take what you need

Have you ever seen a micro food pantry? Missy Pinter of Peru stocks non-perishable food, including instant macaroni and cheese and crackers, into a Blessing Box-micro food pantry at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Peru. The public can drop off food or take items from the tiny cabinet-sized pantry that is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

CLICK HERE for the News Tribune article.


We are looking for drivers to transport members to church on Sunday who no longer drive, but are able to get in and out of a vehicle without assistance.  If you are able to help, please call the church office or Kay Raineri 815-224-4839.  Thank you.



Blessing Box donations are welcome at any time.  Some suggestions for donations – individual pasta meals, soup, applesauce, fruit cups, jello, tuna kits, instant potatoes, snack crackers.  Donations may be placed directly into the Blessing Box, in the box near the Sunday school entrance or left in the church office.  Monetary donations are also accepted. 





The Call Process of the Northern Illinois Synod

Here is what you can expect in this transition time for your congregation:

1. The bishop, with your council’s approval, will appoint an interim pastor to serve you.

2. Your council will review a job description, make decisions about compensation, seek input from you, and address concerns within the congregation.

3. A call committee will be established according to the guidelines of your constitution.

4. The council and/or the call committee will compile and submit a Ministry Site Profile, which is a description of your congregation, to the synod.

5. The call committee will keep you informed of the progress of its work until a candidate has been recommended to the council.

6. The call committee will meet with a member of the synod staff and receive coaching on how to conduct an effective interview.

7. The call committee will receive the name(s) of potential candidate(s).

8. The call committee will interview, check references and hear the candidate preach.

9. After the call committee has made a decision, it will meet with the congregation council to share information regarding the recommended candidate.

10. Your council will have the opportunity the meet and speak with the candidate. The council will discuss compensation and benefits with the candidate.

11. The council will vote to recommend the candidate to the congregation and call a meeting.

12. Members of the congregation will be given the opportunity to meet the pastoral candidate.

13. The call committee chair and president of the congregation will formally recommend the candidate to the congregation. 

14. A vote of the congregation takes place according to your constitution.

15. If the congregation votes “yes,” a Letter of Call is signed and forwarded to the bishop and sent on to the pastor.

16. The pastor has 30 days to consider the call.

17. If the candidate accepts the call, an installation date is set. If the candidate declines the call, the call committee goes back to work with the synod staff.




In the Women’s Fall Bible Study we is studying “Twelve Ordinary Men” by John MacArthur.  We will read the book chapter by chapter, working through the workbook in class.  (There is no video.)  When you take a fresh look at the disciples, you’ll be faced with a stunning fact:  The men the Savior chose were ordinary.  Hopelessly human.  Remarkably unremarkable.  But they were available and obedient to the Master’s call.  And, under Jesus’ teaching and touch, they became a force that forever changed the world.

“Twelve Ordinary Men” represents a directed study of the biblical passages that introduce us to the twelve men whom Jesus chose to be His constant companions.  Join us for this journey.  We meet every Thursday, beginning October 4th.  For your convenience the same session will be available at 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  If you have any questions, contact Jan Delvallee at 815-228-0252.










Teachers & Helpers 2017-18

Preschool & Kindergarten - Thelma Martin

First & Second Grade - Janice Hammer            

Third Grade - Missy Pinter

 Fourth & Fifth Grade - Don Anderson. Katelyn Lamps, Helper

Sixth Grade - Paul Baker

Seventh & Eighth Grade - Maxine McQueen. Sasha Bruins, Helper

High School - Jane Krysiak

Adult Class - Mac McQueen & Shanon Edwards

Sunday School Office Helpers - Clarence & Carole Wenzel




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